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Dem Rep: Doesn't Matter What Average Black Americans Think About Immigration

Dem Rep: Doesn't Matter What Average Black Americans Think About Immigration


Feb 4, 2013

ROLAND MARTIN, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: When I had my radio show in Chicago 9 out of 10 calls were African-Americans. They were not feeling immigration reform. So there’s a very interesting disconnect, if you will, from black political leaders, black Civil Rights leaders, and regular, ordinary people who are saying, “Look, those are a lot of jobs that we used to have.” And so, how do you get the regular everyday brother and sister and say, “No, you need to be on board with this.”

CONGRESSWOMAN MAXINE WATERS, CA-35: Well, you know, these issues are issues that are evolving. And, as you know, we had a lot of African-Americans who had difficulty coming along with gay issues, for example. But the fact of the matter is life is such that people come to the point that they realize what it is. You have 11 million immigrants. They’re not going to be deported. Here in this country and all they have to do is get citizenship. There will be some requirements, and some of those requirements the President talked about a little bit. They’ll have to go to the back of the line, you’ll have some other issues like guest worker concerns, ect. But in the final analysis we’ll all come to the point, realizing we’ve got to live together in this country. This is a country of immigrants. These immigrants are going to have a path to citizenship. It’ll all work out, it has to.

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