Al Sharpton Co-Host: 30% Of Legal Gun Owners African-American

Al Sharpton Co-Host: 30% Of Legal Gun Owners African-American

From the Radio Equalizer:

EARL OFARI HUTCHINSON (04 March 2013): Now, we know a few things about the NRA in terms of their overall make-up, even though they say they don’t keep any statistics any figures on race or ethnicity. Their whole thing is if you believe in the Second Amendment you want to protect gun ownership the rights of gun owners, that’s all we ask in being a member a bonafide member of the NRA, however a couple things Rev. Al, one thing I was surprised to find, typically when you think of the NRA, typically you know we think of a bunch of conservative white guys that pretty much run the outfit, but also when you think of gun owners in America gun ownership in America you tend to think basically kind of rural southern white male, but what I was stunned to find looking at a poll from Gallup when they looked at gun ownership as of 2011, 45% and this really is what caught my eye 45% of gun owners in America are non-white and even more interesting almost thirty percent, were talking legally owning guns, 30% of gun owners in America are African-American.

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