WH Doesn't Know If ObamaCare Is Increasing Premiums

WH Doesn't Know If ObamaCare Is Increasing Premiums

Q Can I ask you about some comments yesterday, made reportedly by your Health and Human Services Secretary, saying that that there will be an increase in premium cost for some Americans as a result of Obamacare? Do you agree with that?
MR. EARNEST: I didn’t see those comments. I mean, what I did see yesterday was actually a blog post from the Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, who said that each year, from 2009 to 2011, the national health expenditure data shows the real rate of annual growth in overall health spending was between 3 and 3.1 percent, which is actually the lowest rate of growth since reporting began in 1960.
Q Will there be increases for some people who are purchasing insurance? Do you concede that? Kathleen Sebelius reportedly has.
MR. EARNEST: Well, what I would actually point you to is I would actually point to the results that we’re already seeing from the Affordable Care Act, which is a savings of $2.1 billion, and the analysis from the CBO that actually says in the future we’re going to see rates that are lower for higher benefits.
Q Is she wrong? Because she’s talking about people paying more for higher benefits.
MR. EARNEST: Again, I didn’t see her comment. I didn’t see her comments.

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