NBC Host: Thatcher 'Embodied' 'Selfishness'

NBC Host: Thatcher 'Embodied' 'Selfishness'

MARTIN BASHIR, MSNBC HOST: That she had been developing this notion economically, that regulation had been a problem and so many city bankers and individuals in the financial community felt unleashed to do as they wanted and the result was a kind of flagrant, excessive and ostentatious pursuit of cash. Which ended up with a number of comedians, one particular comedian who had a skit “Loads of Money” and basically he would throw pound notes and five pound notes in the faces of the poor and this was in some sense a kind of indication of what they felt, many people in Britain felt, she was doing. Gordon Brown wrote a book … “Where There Is Greed,” which is basically a critique of the selfishness that she seemed to embody.

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