NYTimes Columnist: Rubio 'Heroic'

NYTimes Columnist: Rubio 'Heroic'

DAVID BROOKS, NEW YORK TIMES: If you woke up this week you would be under the illusion we’re in a functioning democracy. You know, things are working well, especially on immigration. I got to salute the gang of eight. They gang, so far in the Senate has been working well. The administration finally gave them space. I think Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is a hero. He said earlier today he is not thinking about the politics. I hope he’s thinking about the politics. The politics are going to be tough for him if he runs for President with this. It’s heroic what he’s doing and so it’s Senators acting in prudent and courageous ways this week. I think that’s true on guns but especially immigration, it’s been a good week for those of us who watch this.

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