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IL Lawmaker Goes Ballistic Over Attempt To Add Amendment Into Concealed Carry Bill

IL Lawmaker Goes Ballistic Over Attempt To Add Amendment Into Concealed Carry Bill

WSILTV- SPRINGFIELD — Debate over concealed carry of guns in Illinois erupted on the floor of the general assembly in Springfield Wednesday, and Representative Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL) of Murphysboro was right in the middle of it. The debate was over a concealed carry bill and amendment that would include the words “may issue” a concealed carry permit instead of “shall issue.” Some house members, including Bost, think that little change in words would be a huge change in meaning. “You bring a whole bill that has questions whether it is even constitutional,” said Bost. Republican Representative Mike Bost took issue with granting local police the discretion to allow concealed guns. “This is not the bill everybody has talked on, everybody wants to see out here,” said Bost. “It is a ploy.” Bost and others believed that wording would severely limit access to concealed carry permits. However, when Democrat Representative Scott Drury of Highwood got up, the argument became even more heated. “So why don’t we stop all the nonsense about what’s constitutional and what’s not constitutional…,” said Drury. “…This nonsense and two-facedness from the other side of the aisle. It was a statement that Bost was not going to take. The outburst prompted the representative sitting in as Speaker to order Bost to wait his turn. When Bost sat down, Drury continued. “Thank you, so here’s my point, members,” said Drury. “We don’t want someone like that carrying a concealed weapon.” That remark prompted boos and shouts from Bost and his allies on the house floor. The measure failed. Later, Bost said he should have waited to be recognized. “I apologized to the person in the speaker chair, as to him personally, and the body,” said Bost. However, he’s not sorry for why he got upset “This has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats,” said Bost. “It has to do with those of us that understand the Second Amendment and those that are scared to death of it.” Drury was also reprimanded by the speaker, and he did also later apologize. Bost says he’s hoping to see the concealed carry legislation authored by Representative Brandon Phelps of Harrisburg brought to the house floor on Thursday. The deadline for the state to approve a law is June 9th, after a federal court ruled Illinois’ ban on concealed carry of guns is unconstitutional.

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