Shapiro To Morgan: Your Agenda To Take Guns 'Scares A Lot Of Folks'

Shapiro To Morgan: Your Agenda To Take Guns 'Scares A Lot Of Folks'

PIERS MORGAN, CNN HOST: But you personally believe that you will need in the next few years … to have weapons to take on your government?

BEN SHAPIRO, BREITBART NEWS: I don’t believe in the next few years. I believe that there is always the possibility of government tyranny. I don’t see that happening in the next couple of years. I do think, Piers, I have to say, I think the reason that so many folks are talking about the possibility of government tyranny is three-fold, really. It’s the Obama administration’s increasing reliance on big government and that I think threatens some people. I think it’s folks like Alex Jones, who do this routine where every time they shut down a city like Boston because of a terrorist attack it’s the end of the world and military laws at hand. And, honestly, it is because of folks like you, Piers. Because you go out of your way to, you know, you really give the impression that you’re interested in taking away people’s fundamental right to bear arms and I think that scares a lot of folks.

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