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State Dept: Upcoming Benghazi Hearings 'Merely Political'

State Dept: Upcoming Benghazi Hearings 'Merely Political'


Patrick Ventrell: Our focus is on keeping our people safe. This is a dangerous world. We have diplomats stationed in some 285 posts around the world. Our men and women are putting their lives on the line for their country. And so there’s a lot of back and forth about what did or didn’t happen, but our focus is on having an independent ARB that gives us recommendations that we can use to then implement to help keep our people safer going forward.

QUESTION: So are you saying this congressional investigation is not – does not have the aims of trying to keep your people safe and find out what happened so that you can continue to do so? Are you saying that this investigation is merely political?

MR. VENTRELL: It certainly seems so, so far. I mean, this is not sort of a collaborative process where the committee is working directly with us and trying to establish facts that would help as we look to keep our people safe overseas in a very complex environment.

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