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Harry Reid: I Get 'Frightening' Hate Mail, Tweets

Harry Reid: I Get 'Frightening' Hate Mail, Tweets


KOLO: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) lamented in this local interview the fact that he gets hate mail: “When issues come up that are national in scope, the mail that I get and emails and tweets are so mean-spirited, it’s just really hard to comprehend–and frightening.”

Reid mentioned his plans for reviving gun control legislation that failed in mid-April. “I’m gonna bring it back when I have enough votes. And I need a few Republicans. That’s what I need. We’ve got virtually every Democrat and we need a few Republicans, and I’m gonna keep working on this. I stress again: why should somebody who has severe emotional mental problems be able to purchase a gun? Why should someone who is a felon be able to purchase a gun? I answer that question, they shouldn’t. And these people who are weird enough to be sending poison in the mail because somebody thinks that someone who’s mentally disturbed shouldn’t be able to buy a gun or somebody who’s a felon shouldn’t be able to buy a gun–[laughs].”

The Senator noted that he tentatively plans to run for a sixth term in the Senate when he faces reelection in 2016. “Things could change, but right now I’ve got a pretty good operation in the state, and we’ll see what happens,” he said.

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