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CHICAGOLAND: 6-Year-Old Girl Shot In Chest While Riding Scooter

CHICAGOLAND: 6-Year-Old Girl Shot In Chest While Riding Scooter


Chicago Tribune: The sun was setting over a South Side memorial for a man shot to death in 2008 when one young man spotted two others and started shooting. The two returned fire. And when the bullets had stopped flying about 8 p.m. in the 300 block of West 105th street in the Burnside neighborhood, the only two victims were innocent bystanders, one a 6-year-old girl on her scooter who was hit in the chest, collapsed, and writhed a bit before she stopped moving, according to witnesses.

Area resident Tasha Moore said about 40 people had gathered in the area around 105th Street as a memorial for a man they all knew, Brandon Snype, who had been shot and killed 5 years ago while sitting in a porch on the same block. Moore said the 52-year-old woman who was shot was related to Snype. Moore said the girl was riding a scooter with a group of children when she was shot, though Moore did not see where the shots came from.

Many in the group ducked or ran away after the shots were fired, Moore said. Branch and her 20-year-old girlfriend Shushana Moore said they were trying to park and meet up with family when the shooting started. They doubled around the block in their car and sped toward the scene, where they saw dozens of people were on the ground or trying to run. Police weren’t there yet.

The 911 call taker told callers to find a blanket or towel and cover the child’s wound, which was gushing blood onto her white pants and the big flower on her belt buckle, down to her flip-flops, witnesses said. She still wasn’t moving.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene, with as many as 40 people trying to flee the gunfire and dozens of police streaming into the neighborhood, an area targeted by the department for extra coverage because of persistent violence. “It was three minutes but it felt like thirty,” Branch said. “Anybody you could think of had blood on them” Police worked into the night, until rain swept through the area, gathering the casings from fired rounds and other evidence from the scene.

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