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Obama Talks PTSD At Medal Of Honor Ceremony

Obama Talks PTSD At Medal Of Honor Ceremony


PRESIDENT OBAMA: Finally, as we honor Ty’s courage on the battlefield, I want to recognize his courage in the other battle he has fought. Ty has spoken openly — with honesty and extraordinary eloquence — about his struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress — the flashbacks, the nightmares, the anxiety, the heartache that makes it sometimes almost impossible to get through a day. And he’s urged us to remember another soldier from COP Keating who suffered, too, who eventually lost his own life back home, and who we remember today for his service in Afghanistan that day — Private Ed Faulkner, Jr.

At first, like a lot of troops, Ty resisted seeking help. But with the support of the Army, the encouragement of his commanders, and most importantly, the love of Shannon and the kids, Ty got help. The pain of that day, I think Ty understands, and we can only imagine, may never fully go away. But Ty stands before us as a loving husband, a devoted father, an exemplary soldier who even redeployed to Afghanistan.

So now he wants to help other troops in their own recovery. And it is absolutely critical for us to work with brave young men like Ty to put an end to any stigma that keeps more folks from seeking help. So let me say it as clearly as I can to any of our troops or veterans who are watching and struggling: Look at this man. Look at this soldier. Look at this warrior. He’s as tough as they come. And if he can find the courage and the strength, to not only seek help, but also to speak out about it, to take care of himself and to stay strong, then so can you. So can you.

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