Ed Schultz Proven Wrong on ObamaCare by His Own Network

Ed Schultz Proven Wrong on ObamaCare by His Own Network

ED SCHULTZ: What conservatives have tried to get in the minds of the American people, and in some respects it has worked, is that we are all confused about ObamaCare.

MARA SCHIAVOCAMPO: I wanted to know what the process was like, so this morning I tested it out at healthcare.gov, and here’s what happened.

ED SCHULTZ: If you go to this website, you will found out how easy it is to read, how easy it is to navigate, all the information, all the basic questions, and all the direction you need to take to get involved to get healthcare. This is a great guide, if I may say.

MARA SCHIAVOCAMPO: I keep getting an error page, it won’t let me progress past verifying personal information. So I’m going to call the help number and see what they have to say.

ED SCHULTZ: There’s even a 1-800 number where you can actually call somebody and ask some questions.

MARA SCHIAVOCAMPO: It just started ringing again, but I haven’t reached a person yet. We’re 15 minutes in now. Ah, back to the recorded message.

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