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Rush Limbaugh: The Left Is Attempting to Use the NFL as Its Own 'Liberal Social Laboratory'

Rush Limbaugh: The Left Is Attempting to Use the NFL as Its Own 'Liberal Social Laboratory'

On his Monday radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh discussed the evolution of the NFL with its proposed rule changes and publicity campaigns, to which he attributed to the left’s desire to use the sport as a social laboratory to promote its agenda.

“I think what has happened – the left sees a gigantic propaganda vehicle here,” Limbaugh said. “The most popular sport in the country that has beaucoup dollars – lots of commerce going on. It is the most-watched television event whenever it is in primetime as such it is seen now as a giant propaganda opportunity for the left, to advance their agenda. And that’s what all the focus on the meanness is and the injuries and the unfairness and the inequality and all the pink stuff – the breast cancer awareness, while prostate cancer goes ignored.” 

“And now this – now the National Football League, just like the military, has become a social laboratory playground for the left to inculcate every little cultural thing they want to do to the country,” he continued. “So now it’s a big deal that the first gay player is coming. It’s a big deal – we’re going to get rid of the ‘n-word.’ Instead of wiping the game out, I think they’re going to take advantage of the opportunity of its massive popularity to use it. They’re still going to destroy the game by turning it into nothing more than a liberal social laboratory like they’ve done to the military.”

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