Scott Walker Proposes 'a Simpler, More Flat Tax' as a Reform in Presidential Pitch

Scott Walker Proposes 'a Simpler, More Flat Tax' as a Reform in Presidential Pitch

On Wednesday’s “The Kudlow Report” on CNBC, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) was asked by host Larry Kudlow what sort of reforms he would institute were he president of the United States. Walker explained he would focus on tax policy and health care and would aim to put more power back into government at the state and local levels. 

“I think what we’ve shown in Wisconsin is that it’s not about austerity — it’s about reform,” Walker said. “And what I mean by that is if we just come in our state and cut things across the board that means you cut your priorities as much as you cut things that aren’t quite as important. We reined in collective bargaining. We put more power back in the hands of the taxpayer at the state and the local level. I think nationally we need that same sort of reform no matter who is running for president. I’d slash the marginal tax rates for everyone across the board — go to a simpler, more flat tax.” 

“It would bring the dollars back to American, repatriate those dollars, put it back in the American economy, put more money back in the hands of consumers, really fix and replace ObamaCare with something that is predictable and patient-centered and then put more of the government back in the hands of the people at the state and local level in education, transportation, infrastructure, health care — all those things are better suited if those decisions are made by state and local officials, people closer to the American taxpayer,” he continued. “Those are the sorts of things I think any reformer should be talking about going forward.” 

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