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Bolton Slams 'Jaw-Droppingly Stupid,' 'Utter Incompetence' of CIA Station Chief Leak

Bolton Slams 'Jaw-Droppingly Stupid,' 'Utter Incompetence' of CIA Station Chief Leak


Former UN Ambassador John Bolton ripped the Obama administration’s leak of the name of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan, a blunder he says “could render a lot of intelligence operations ongoing in Afghanistan absolutely moot” on “American’s Newsroom” this on Tuesday. Bolton said the leak was “jaw-droppingly stupid,” and wondered aloud how Deputy Security Advisor for Strategic Communication Ben Rhodes and other “media flacks” missed the leak. Bolton asked “has [Rhodes] been there at the NSC for five years and doesn’t know what a chief of station is?”

When asked about comparisons between this leak and the infamous Valerie Plame leak, Bolton said the two were not comparable because the Plame leak “was just malicious gossip,” whereas the CIA station chief leak was “utter incompetence.” Bolton said the leak pointed to a problem that has been a theme throughout the Obama presidency that “there is nobody in charge at the White House.”

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