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Phil Robertson on Dems: Party of 'Endorsing Perversion,' Ripping Babies out of Mother's Wombs

Phil Robertson on Dems: Party of 'Endorsing Perversion,' Ripping Babies out of Mother's Wombs


On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Phil Robertson, the so-called patriarch of the hit reality show “Duck Dynasty” appeared with Sean Hannity at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA and gave a wide-ranging interview about faith and how it had changed his life over a course of 40 years.

Robertson, one of the featured speakers at the RLC, also explained how he arrived at his affiliation with the Republican Party, which was a case of not identifying with the Democratic Party platform more than being a Republican.

HANNITY: So you’re here. Do you consider yourself, like for example, I live in New York — I’m a registered conservative. Are you a Republican? Are you a conservative? Are you a –

ROBERTSON: I read the platforms when I repented back 40 years ago. And I said, Ms. Kay and I never voted before because I’ve been too busy see getting drunk and acting like a heathen. I said if I’m a productive member of society I need to vote. I said so give me the platforms.

HANNITY: And you read them.

ROBERTSON: Yeah, and I took the Democratic platform and read it. I said one thing is for sure. I ain’t no Democrat. I go, who’s is next? And I read the Republican platform. I said, well they don’t rip human babies from the mother’s womb. I said, they are not endorsing perversions, so I said you know what, I think I’m a Republican.

Watch (Part 2):

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