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Greenwald: I Wasn't Calling Our Troops Terrorists, Just Our Leaders

Greenwald: I Wasn't Calling Our Troops Terrorists, Just Our Leaders


Monday, Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith called out journalist Glenn Greenwald for comments he made over the weekend equating ISIS terrorist with the United States invading Iraq when he said on HBO’s “Real Time” the United States supports all kinds of “really bad people” and “maybe outside forces that go in and start bombing that country are actually terrorists, more so than the people in the country.”

When Smith said, “You equated our forces to terrorists” and Greenwald defended himself by claiming he wasn’t calling the troops who have to follow the orders of their leaders terrorist just the leaders. 

“Look, anybody can question and even vehemently criticize decisions by our leader to go to bar and nobody should hold the soldiers sent there responsible for the decision,” he replied. “So the question of is an invasion aggressive in nature and based on false pretenses like a country like Iraq has nothing to do with blaming soldiers who were sent to the country. everybody has learned in the United States to distinguish between political leaders and soldiers when it comes to questioning and condemning war decisions.”

Watch (Bill Maher Appearance, 6/20/14):

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