PA Family Physician Facing ObamaCare Fines Despite Following the Law

PA Family Physician Facing ObamaCare Fines Despite Following the Law

Dr. Francis Brescia, Jr., a Dauphin Co., PA family care physician has been hit by bureaucracy under the Affordable Care Act law. According to a report from Harrisburg, PA FOX affiliate WPMT, the law is requiring doctors to switch to electronic health records and doctors will be penalized if they don’t go electronic.

Brescia attempted to comply immediately in 2012 by he hiring a software company called ISuite to make the switch. However, that company went bankrupt and result in Brescia losing four years of records that he’s still trying to recover.

Brescia was hit with an audit for 2011 and because he since he has missing records, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services says he must pay a penalty of $18,000.

“I think did everything right,” he said. “I followed the rules. Why am I being punished, because I’m a solo practice?”

In warning these rules hit small practices the hardest, Brescia said his types of practices could face extinction.

“We’re dinosaurs, we’re not going to be here in 10 years,” he says. “You’re going to have nurse practitioners and PAs taking care of the public. And I just think I did everything fair, and I’m not getting a fair shake.”

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