Lawyer Debunks 'War on Women' Narrative in Hobby Lobby Case

Lawyer Debunks 'War on Women' Narrative in Hobby Lobby Case

Family Research Council lawyer Cathy Ruse rebutted the argument that the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby decision was part of the “war on women” in a speech shortly after the decision was announced. 

Ruse pointed out that a lot of the legal challenges to the contraception mandate have been brought by “women who run non-profits like Little Sisters of the Poor and other women and also businesswomen who run family businesses, and that “a third of the plaintiffs in this case are women in business.” 

She also argued that the vast majority of women judges who looked at the mandate are against it. They ruled against it time and time again. Far outpacing women on the bench who ruled for it,” and reported that most women in public opinion polls are against the contraception mandate.

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