George Will Warns U.S. Should Beware of 'Narcissistic Policy Disorder'

George Will Warns U.S. Should Beware of 'Narcissistic Policy Disorder'

Conservative columnist George Will warned the U.S. government against donning an air of “narcissistic policy disorder” regarding the Hamas-Israel conflict in the Middle East.

“There’s not a single global crisis here, not a single cause of turmoil. There are a lot little regional conflicts,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Israel for example — it’s a tragedy that they have to do this, but they’re taking care of themselves but notice the dog isn’t barking. No one is running to Hamas, and no one, for a change is doubting Israel’s right of self-defense.” 

“We must beware on a occasion like this, of what’s been called ‘narcissistic policy disorder,'” Will warned. “That is the belief that everything in the world is about us.” 

What the U.S. does or says cannot always make everything in the world “well,” he added. 

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