Ben Stein: 'Jew Hatred' Exists 'in the Media'

Ben Stein: 'Jew Hatred' Exists 'in the Media'

Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” actor and commentator Ben Stein said “There’s just a certain amount of Jew hatred in the media, especially in the elite media, that cannot be overcome or explained away.”

The former speechwriter for Presidents Nixon and Ford said, “The media in this country for a very long time has been contemptuous of Jews and contemptuous of Jewish life,” Stein continued. “This was true during the Holocaust, when the media was largely controlled by old, lying, wealthy, white Protestant males, and it’s true now when it’s controlled by mostly left-wingers.”

He added “The media likes to portray Jews as bullies and murderers and . . . it’s kind of amazing to me, because so much of the media is Jewish,”

Commenting on Secretary of State John Kerry being caught Sunday on a hot mic criticizing Israel’s military operation into Gaza Stein said “Terrible, shocking, shocking. Kerry is a perfect example of everything we have talked about, because Kerry is Jewish – ethnically.” 

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