Gutfeld: 'Stop Hating' 'One of the Most Adolescent Blurbs to Spill Out from an Adult Male Face'

Gutfeld: 'Stop Hating' 'One of the Most Adolescent Blurbs to Spill Out from an Adult Male Face'

In his mid-show monologue on Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld criticized President Barack Obama for his Thursday call for his political opponents to “stop hating.

According to Gutfeld, the line did not rise to a level that was on par with a high office, but instead a “whiny pop star.”

“Applause is his lubricant – ‘Just stop hating,’” Gutfeld said. “Obama is now sounding like a whiny pop star who is peeved at critics for panning his last record and mad at fans who hated his duet with Adam Levine. And Republicans of course — they are the evil paparazzi. I’m waiting for him to yell, ‘Do you know who i am?’ at a maître d’. He says stop just hating all the time. That’s one of the most adolescent blurbs to spill out from an adult male’s face. Seriously, was that lifted from Justin Bieber’s blog? Is it the title of a new Katy Perry song? If so, give her credit for it before writing it on the inside of your locker with a magic marker. The problem with his whine is that the anger actually began with Obama’s own belief born from the polluted canvas that proclaimed the greatest country ever was actually pretty awful and needed fundamental change. I wouldn’t call that hate but sowing the seeds of discontent is how the president got to where he is at today. And now the polls suggest people feel the same way about him. But I’m sure Americans, who are a nice bunch of people, would be willing to stop hating if only he would go first.”

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