CNN: Canadian Officials Concerned Ebola May Become Airborne

CNN: Canadian Officials Concerned Ebola May Become Airborne

CNN “Legal View” anchor Ashleigh Banfield reported that Canadian officials are “looking into the possibility” that Ebola could become airborne. 

“I’m just back from vacation in Canada. Now I’m hearing that the Canadians are looking into the possibility this could at one point become an airborne virus, which is absolutely terrifying to people who have been watching the story and are realizing with all the reporting that it’s bodily fluids only, but the airborne notion scares, you know, the living you know what out of so many of us,” Banfield said.

Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported that the serum used to treat an American doctor who contracted Ebola in Africa has “never gone through any clinical trials … It’s just hard to answer those questions. How durable is it? What are the potential side effects? Don’t know. The reason it’s given in a situation like this often is because mortality rates are so high. There are no other good options.”

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