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Report: African Ebola Outbreak May Take 'Months' to Contain

Report: African Ebola Outbreak May Take 'Months' to Contain


CNN Correspondent David McKenzie reported that the outbreak of Ebola virus in Africa may take “months at best” to get under control, but there is “no guarantee that they’ll get this under control” without international assistance on Monday’s “Legal View.”  

He characterized the outbreak “the worst Ebola epidemic we’ve ever seen. There are scores that are dying every day,” and pointed out that many individuals with the disease are hiding instead of seeking treatment.

“This entire country today is on a lockdown as it were. Everyone has to stay at home. We were driving down the streets here for several hours towards the epicenter. There was not a single car on the road. The reason they’re doing that is to get through to the population just how serious this is. Imagine an entire country coming to a standstill. That’s what we witnessed today” McKenzie said.

Anchor Ashleigh Banfield added that there are fears that Ebola “could mutate and actually become airborne. If Ebola becomes airborne, it will spread even faster and be even more difficult than it is now to contain.”

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