GOP Franken Challenger: 'November a Tremendous Opportunity'

GOP Franken Challenger: 'November a Tremendous Opportunity'

Saturday during the Weekly Republican address, the challenger to Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), Minnesota republican Mike McFadden said, “No matter where I go, from Winona to Warroad, people tell me the same thing: ‘We are heading in the wrong direction.'”

McFadden argued, “America is experiencing one of the slowest economic recoveries in our nation’s history. Minnesotans feel like we’re falling behind. Wages have been stagnant, but the cost of everything from gas to groceries keeps going up.”

“Here in Minnesota, over half of our workers are underemployed and weekly wages have gone up by just pennies. This is not what an economic recovery should feel like.” he added. 

The Minnesota republican concluded, “President Obama and Senate Democrats have had their chance to turn our economy around, but all we’re doing is running in place. We can do better. This November presents a tremendous opportunity for America to elect new leaders, with the vision to turn our country around, and get us back onto the path of growth and prosperity.”

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