Lindsey Graham: 'Strong Intelligence' to Suggest ISIS 'a Threat to the Homeland'

Lindsey Graham: 'Strong Intelligence' to Suggest ISIS 'a Threat to the Homeland'

On Thursday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) lamented President Barack Obama’s reluctance to act in Iraq against ISIS, who Graham insists has emerged as a direct threat to the United States.

Host Greta van Susteren asked about the threat of ISIS domestically, to which Graham argued there was “strong intelligence” to suggest ISIS members with American and European passports could carry out that threat.

“This is not the only group we should be concerned about, but, yes,” Graham said. “They have more territory now, ISIL does. They have more money, they have more equipment. They have more capability. They are the hottest act in the jihadist world. They are getting stronger by the day. Name one thing they promise to do they haven’t done. When they capture a city, they tell you exactly what they’re going to do and they do it. They have also put on the list of things to do to attack us. The head of the FBI, the director of National Intelligence, the director of Homeland Security, the attorney general have all said that the safe haven in Syria now Iraq owned by ISIS, ISIL, whatever you want to call them is, a direct threat to the homeland. Hundreds of Americans and thousands of Europeans jihadists are there on the ground.

“I fear that they are going to come back, using American passports or European passports, accept the training and come back and hit us,” he continued. “And the president is doing nothing to defeat or contain ISIS. This is not a humanitarian crisis we face. This is not an internal problem for Iraq. This is a threat to our homeland and this president is ignoring what I think is strong intelligence that would justify him to act. And he is not going to be able to say down the road nobody ever told me that they were a threat to the homeland like is he trying to change his story about Iraq, leaving troops behind.”

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