Scarborough Hammers Arrested Reporters: When Cop Says to Move, You Move Along

Scarborough Hammers Arrested Reporters: When Cop Says to Move, You Move Along

On “Morning Joe” on MSNBC on Thursday morning, host Joe Scarborough scoffed at the notion that the two journalists arrested in Ferguson, MO on Wednesday night, Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly and The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery, should be on the receiving end of sympathies.

Instead Scarborough argued they should have been more proactive in responding to law enforcement requests.

“If I saw that video and my son was the one that the police arrested after that episode – I’d say, ‘Joey, here’s a clue: When the cops tell you for like the 30th time, ‘Let’s go,’ you know what that means son?” Scarborough said. “It means let’s go.’ I’m sorry. You know what? We got a lot of questions out there. We got people angry in the streets because they won’t release this cop’s name. We don’t even know what happened. We got two sides telling something completely conflicting.”

“So there’s a lot of unanswered questions,” he continued. “But I do know this when a police officer asks you to pick up — I’ve been in places where police officers have said, ‘Alright, you know what, this is cordoned off. You guys need to move along.’ And you know what I do? I go, ‘Yes, sir,’ or ‘Yes, ma’am.’ I don’t sit there and have the debate and film the police officer, unless I want to get on TV and have people talk about me the next day. I am sure I am just the worse person in the world for saying this.”

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