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Pollster: Border Security Can Help GOP with Working-Class Latino Voters

Pollster: Border Security Can Help GOP with Working-Class Latino Voters


Polling Company President Kellyanne Conway argued that the Republican Party could increase its support among working-class Hispanic voters by supporting border security on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Laura Ingraham Show.”  

Conway said that Republicans could score political points with working-class Latinos by supporting greater border enforcement in the same way that welfare reform was supported by middle-class black voters in the 1990s. And that “this idea that all Hispanics are monolithic and they all believe that the center-right is being heartless towards the children, has really just become a meme that is unsupported by the facts.”

Conway added that 56 percent of Democrats oppose executive amnesty, and that polls that only ask for opinions regarding pathway to citizenship or nothing are a poor gauge of public opinion, and that people support the House GOP’s plan to enforce current law, repatriate the unaccompanied minors in the United States and limit the president’s executive power.

She concluded that Republicans should campaign on securing the border because “if the Republicans are only going to run on jobs and the economy again,” they will probably lose.

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