'We Are Darren Wilson' Supporters Urge Americans to Call Gov. Nixon to Demand Fairness

'We Are Darren Wilson' Supporters Urge Americans to Call Gov. Nixon to Demand Fairness

Saturday, supporters of Officer Darren Wilson, the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, held a press conference demanding fairness for the officer, declaring “We are Darren Wilson.”

A woman who chose to remain unnamed said, “We are exclusively here to support Darren Wilson and we have no desire to engage in the negativity and hate which has paralyzed Officer Wilson’s ability to pursue justice. Many of us have received death threats against ourselves and our families. Contrary to media suggestions, we are not affiliated with any hate groups.”

“However, we respect each individual’s First Amendment rights in this country. We will not hide. We will no longer live in fear. We ask this question. Can justice ever be attained if one side[‘s] supporters are living in fear of speaking out?”

She urged Americans to help by saying “If you support Darren Wilson, make your voice heard. Call or write the governor and demand this bias stops now.” 

“The media will have to earn the trust of the Support Darren Wilson group. Stop drawing maps to houses, broadcasting in front of parties’ homes, knocking on their families’ doors, putting people’s lives at risk. This is unethical, poor journalism and a travesty.”

She concluded by defiantly saying “At the end of the statement, the media will ask for my name and [the name of] others and relationships, job titles, stories, etc. You want my name? My name is Darren Wilson. We are Darren Wilson. Thank you.”

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