CNN Makes Another Run at Alleged Ferguson Audio Based on Timestamp

CNN Makes Another Run at Alleged Ferguson Audio Based on Timestamp

As reported on CNN on Thursday, Glide, the company whose service captured the alleged audio of the Michael Brown shooting from earlier this month, confirmed the timestamp of the audio.

The audio was aired on CNN earlier this week but the network had backed off of playing the audio on air after questions were raised, even by the network’s own guests. However, Lemon called this confirmation of a timestamp by Glide to be another layer of “authentication,” despite the having been downplayed by what he referred to as comments “taken out of context” on TV.

Partial transcript as follows:

BLITZER: [D]on, people had some doubts about the authenticity of this audio, but those doubts, I guess the audio, and the company that provides this service says they shouldn’t have those doubts.

LEMON: The doubts came from a conversation that happened on television that were comments that were taken out of context. but now since this company, and it’s called Glide, which is a social messaging service, it’s verified the timestamp and timestamp, 12:02:14 p.m. Central time, Wolf, and that’s around the exact time that Michael Brown was shot by the police officer in Ferguson, MO. So now that they are verifying that and that the FBI is looking into it as well, it adds another layer of authentication on top of this.

BLITZER: So Tom, now that the time has been verified, how does that impact this investigation?

FUENTES: Well, Wolf, I think the same issue is still going to be that, you know, we still wonder about the first shot, because the chief of police said the day after the shooting that there was a struggle at the car and the gun was fired and that matches Dorian Johnson’s statement that there was a struggle at the car and the gun was fired. So we don’t hear that one single shot, so maybe the call wasn’t initiated yet when that shot took place, but right around that time. And then we do have the series of shots, the pause, and four more shots. So, it will have to be matched up with all the various witness statements, the ones that we know already, and then, of course, whatever statement that later Officer Wilson provides us to exactly the time sequence.

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