CNN: CDC Has Not Removed Sweat-Stained Sheets of Ebloa Patient, Still with Quarantined Family

CNN: CDC Has Not Removed Sweat-Stained Sheets of Ebloa Patient, Still with Quarantined Family

Thursday on CNN, Anderson Cooper detailed his interview with the woman quarantined because of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient with Ebola in the United States, was staying with her while visiting their 13-year-old son in Dallas, TX after unknowingly contracting the disease in Liberia.

Cooper revealed that the CDC has only gone to the apartment once and has not even removed the dirty sheets of the sick bed Duncan was showing symptoms while sleeping on. 

Cooper said the woman told him, “He started having a lot of diarrhea, making a lot of trips to the bathroom. He was not vomiting according to louise. But he was sweating a lot during the night in her bed. The sheets are still on the bed, she told me.”

“In the apartment, the sheets he sweated on are still on the bed, the pillows are still on the bed. The towels he used she put into plastic bags, they’re still in the apartment. She’s not clear what to do with them. The CDC has visited her apartment, told her not to go outside, she has to stay inside for 21 days. She’s taking her own temperature every hour, taking the temperature of the young people who are in the apartment with her. But she’s clearly very concerned, has very strong she’s praying a lot. faith. She has talked to Thomas Duncan on the telephone. She said he is doing the best he can, that he’s holding up, but obviously is not feeling well. But she says she has no symptoms at this point. She is just hoping, praying that she’s able to get through this.”

“I was surprised to learn that the sheets are still on the bed and that the CDC has not taken or local health officials haven’t taken them away,” he added.

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