ABC: Obama Won't Campaign 'in a Single Place with a Competitive Senate Race'

ABC: Obama Won't Campaign 'in a Single Place with a Competitive Senate Race'

Monday night on ABC’s “World News Tonight,” host David Muir questioned why President Obama was at the White House on Monday while all the other big political names were out campaigning in states with key Senate races.

“Look at the wall tonight, a political ‘who’s-who’ out there on the campaign trail,” Muir said. “Former president Bill Clinton in Colorado tonight, former president Jimmy Carter campaigning for his grandson in Georgia, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in Florida, Mitt Romney is in Nebraska, and Hilary Clinton, campaigning in New York.”

“You might be saying at home, ‘it seems everyone is out there,’ but someone is not; why was President Obama at the White House this Monday? Let’s get right to ABC’s chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl.”

“David, the President was home all weekend too,” Karl told Muir. “And today the only time he ventured out was to go to Sasha and Malia’s school for parent-teacher conferences.”

“So what’s going on? Well, the President’s approval rating is at an all-time low, just 40 percent, and in many of the states with the big races, it’s even lower,” Karl explained. “So while the President will be out campaigning for some candidates for governor this week, you won’t see him in a single place with a competitive Senate race.”

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