Coulter Takes Aim at Third-Party Senate Candidates

Coulter Takes Aim at Third-Party Senate Candidates

Monday night on “CNN Tonight,” host Don Lemon asked conservative author Ann Coulter about her predictions for the midterm elections on Tuesday.

“Give me your prediction, do you think Republicans are going to take the Senate tomorrow?” Lemon asked Coulter.

“I don’t know,” Coulter answered. “It could either be, my worst case scenario is I’m confident we’re going to get 48, but it could be 48 Republicans, 48 Democrats with a runoff in Louisiana and Georgia, which Republicans are expected to win, and we’re still counting Alaska.”

“Why are you upset?” Lemon asked. “You say that third-party candidates in Louisiana and Georgia are throwing a monkey wrench into it. They’re screwing things up for you.”

“Not just me, but for the country,” Coulter explained. “It’s going to cost a lot of money because the Republicans are ahead in both of those races but if they don’t reach 50 points, then there’s a runoff with just the top two, and it’s going to take a lot of time and money so that libertarians and Tea Partiers can make a statement.”

“My suggestion to them is that instead they streak through the United States Congress,” Coulter continued. “That would be fun, it would make a statement, it wouldn’t cost a lot of money, and we’d know who won the election by Wednesday.”

“I so hate this third-party stuff, and it only hurts Republicans, because somehow Democrats have managed to get control of their Green Party and their crazies, and they understand that winning is important, but our side, some don’t. Look, I’m more libertarian than most libertarians, I’m more Tea Party than most tea partiers; run in the primary. If you lose, you support the Republican.”

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