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Krauthammer on Gruber 'Scandal': White House 'Imagined They Would Actually Get Away with It'

Krauthammer on Gruber 'Scandal': White House 'Imagined They Would Actually Get Away with It'


On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer explained the timing of President Barack Obama’s response to the recent string of candid moments from ObamaCare Jonathan Gruber caught video about the ObamaCare legislation and its passage into law.

Krauthammer explained that based on past media coverage of the White House, their apparent strategy was to wait it out in hopes it would go away. However, once it lingered and the media were forced to cover it, Obama responded, but with what Krauthammer viewed as a less-than-sincere response.

“This is a scandal of the first order and they imagined they would actually get away with it,” Krauthammer said. “And when you see everybody pretending that they had never heard of this guy, when you show the evidence to everybody, he had meetings in the White House 19 times. So when they make the movie, it will be called ‘The Man Who Never Was.’ And I think this is an extension of the Secret Service scandal. Gruber jumped the fence into the White House, he got through an open door and sat in the Oval Office and joined 19 meetings and that’s exactly what happened.”

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