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Obama Flashback: Don’t Be Stubborn ‘Despite the Election’

Obama Flashback: Don’t Be Stubborn ‘Despite the Election’

At a press conference shortly after the 2012 election, President Obama criticized Congress for “stubbornness” “despite the election” in negotiations over the fiscal cliff.

“Well, obviously, we can all imagine a scenario where we go off the fiscal cliff.  If despite the election, if despite the dangers of going over the fiscal cliff and what that means for our economy, that there’s too much stubbornness in Congress that we can’t even agree on giving middle-class families a tax cut, then middle-class families are all going to end up having a big tax hike.  And that’s going to be a pretty rude shock for them, and I suspect will have a big impact on the holiday shopping season, which, in turn, will have an impact on business planning and hiring, and we can go back into a recession” he said.

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