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Lisa Bloom: ‘Charging’ Is ‘Racially-Tinged, Offensive Word’

Lisa Bloom: ‘Charging’ Is ‘Racially-Tinged, Offensive Word’


NBC News Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom argued that “charging” is a “racially-tinged offensive word” in a discussion on the Darren Wilson grand jury decision on Tuesday’s “Reid Report” on MSNBC.

Bloom alleged that there were inconsistencies and ambiguities in Wilson’s statements that were not properly exposed by the prosecution during Wilson’s testimony before the grand jury, including “this issue about charging, which I find to be sort of a racially-tinged offensive word in and of itself.” Bloom continued “I would have asked him, ‘what exactly does that mean?’ Because at one point he says Mike Brown took a step forward. another point he says, he took a hop, as if he was about to run and then he began running. So, running is inconsistent with one step forward. which is it, Mr. Wilson? I mean, you really have to get to the bottom of it. you can’t let an ambiguous word like ‘charged’ get out there to the grand jury without analyzing it, without cross-examining it and that just didn’t happen.” 

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