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Krauthammer: Ozone Regs ‘Usual Arrogant Liberal Argument’

Krauthammer: Ozone Regs ‘Usual Arrogant Liberal Argument’


Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that the EPA’s justification for new ozone regulations was the “usual arrogant liberal argument” on Wednesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“This is the usual sort of arrogant liberal argument that we represent the science and therefore you have to knuckle under to whatever regulations that we decide. When you’re making these kinds of regulations, whether about medicine or ozone or about traffic safety, for example. It’s never the science that dictates, it’s the balance that you make between the cost and what you’re going to benefit…let me give you one example, if I wanted to reduce highway deaths [by] 3,000 a year. I would say ‘well, let’s reduce speed limits by 20 miles an hour. I uarantee you it will save thousands of lives. In fact, let’s go to a a national speed limit of 20 miles an hour tops.’ But we don’t do it, because the cost…they’re making a choice, the science isn’t speaking here, these are overzealous regulators who are willing to kill industry to achieve a number that is abstract and that is not worth the additional cost” he stated.

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