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Sessions Calls on Congress to Block All Presidential Spending

Sessions Calls on Congress to Block All Presidential Spending

Thursday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) delivered an address on the Senate floor on his plan to block funding for President Barack Obama’s executive order amnesty.

Sessions said, “So is Congress hopeless, helpless, ineffectual, is it unable to stop this? Absolutely not. Congress has the power to control what the president does. It has the power to control what he spends money on. The president, the executive branch, cannot spend one dime that has not been approved by the United States Congress. He can’t spend more on roads, highways, schools, defense, education, health care, that congress has not appropriated and not approved. So Congress has a responsibility and a duty here. Congress should fund no program, should allow no presidential expenditure that is spent on programs it deems are unworthy. And it absolutely has a responsibility to ensure that this president spends no money to execute policies that are in violation of existing law, plainly. It has a constitutional duty, no matter what members may feel about the substance of the issue,”

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