Levin: No Need For Mandatory Voting When Obama ‘Rejects Elections’

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments” Mark Levin argued that voter turnout and the president’s mandatory voting scheme are pointless when “Obama rejects elections that don’t turn out the way he wants” on Thursday.

“If Obama rejects elections that don’t turn out the way he wants, what’s the difference who votes and how many people vote?” Levin wondered.

Levin continued, “we had an election in 2014, he may not like the outcome, because he doesn’t think everybody voted, well everybody didn’t vote in either of his elections either, and everybody didn’t vote when he was elected to the Senate, and everybody didn’t to when he was elected to the State Senate…so he’s illegitimate if this Congress is illegitimate because everybody didn’t vote.”

Levin concluded, “his desire here is not good government, his desire here is not to franchise, his desire here is to grow government, the welfare state, his party even more, because he just said it.”

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