Graham: Trump Appeals ‘to the Dark Side’ by Selling ‘Fear and Prejudice’

Sunday on “This Week host George Stephanopoulos,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Donald Trump is” appealing to the dark side of American politics, which he proclaimed was appealing to fear and prejudice.

Graham said, “I would ask the Republican party to understand why most major companies are firing Mr. trump and I don’t think we should hire him. I’m not taking on voters,. I’m taking on an idea of that I think he’s appealing to the dark side of American politics. He is not offering solutions to hard, complicated problems. He’s basically selling fear and prejudice.”

He continued, “I here’s a market in both parties, if you say outrageous things. There’s a market in my party for people — if you say that Obama’s not born in America, that he’s actually born in Kenya, there are people who want to believe that. If you say most illegal immigrants are drug dealers and rapists, there are people who want to believe that. And he’s appealing to fear and prejudice. And there’s a market for that. If you said Bush is a war criminal or he’s stupid, there’s a market for that on the ear side. What Trump is offering it’s not really good for the party or the country. unfortunately, there’s a market for this.”

He added, “Trump says a lot of controversial and loud things is not qualified to be commander in chief and he cannot win and election that we can not afford to lose.”

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