FS1’s Cowherd: There Should Be a Trump Channel

On Thursday’s “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1, host Colin Cowherd reacted to Wednesday’s CNBC GOP debate, saying GOP front-runner Donald Trump should have his own television channel.

Cowherd likened the CNBC debate to “a really bad ’80s television show,” with Trump as the lead character. He also said there should be Trump channel on TV, with the cameras just following him around.

“Sometimes in golf you’ll have a camera crew that just follows Tiger Woods when he was great. They just follow the lead group that tees off at like 9:30 in the morning. Whoever televises this, like if it’s NBC, why not on one of their channels they own like Bravo or MSNBC or CNBC, you just have a Trump channel. And I could just watch his facial expressions, his lips and his hair. Seriously, if you just had a Trump channel, like in golf, where they follow the leader, because I would watch that. I find this is almost like a really bad ’80s television show. Seriously, it’s like you have all of these weirdo characters and Donald Trump is the lead character.”

“I’m watching this [CNBC Debate] last night, I’m like, why don’t you just have a Trump channel? This has become a television show,” he added.

Cowherd went on to say later that Trump and Ben Carson are leading right now because because Americans are “tired of the system” of career politicians.

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