Christie: Hillary Is ‘Mrs. Happy Talk’ on Islamic State

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” while discussing Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s claim in last night’s debate that the Untied States is finally were we need to be on ISIS, Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Governor  Chris Christie said, “Mrs. Clinton is Mrs. happy talk. And she just wants to happy talk her way to the presidency.”

Christie said Clinton is, “The one that got us into the World War III situation with Barack Obama. Think about it. She said last night, we’re finally where we need to be on ISIS … Oh, my gosh. with dead bodies in Paris, with dead bodies in San Bernardino with no plan from this administration on how to deal with this. We’re finally where we need to be? Mrs. Clinton is Mrs. happy talk. And she just wants to happy talk her way to the presidency. She’s the personification of this administration. Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes? I mean so, you know, the fact is that’s not where we need to be.”

Christie criticized Clinton for refusing to answer questions about Libya saying, “If Libya had turned out to be a shining success and was a democracy, Mrs. Clinton would be dancing around the stage, talking about how it was her idea and how she recommended it to the president and she got it implemented, but when there’s a downside she takes no responsibility.”

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