Limbaugh: Cruz’s Beefed Up Presence in Florida Not a ‘Dirty Trick’

Tuesday on his radio, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh dismissed the suggestion that Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) aggressive play for Florida votes was a dirty trick aimed at his opponent Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), given he is a long shot in the Sunshine State.

According to Limbaugh, it is fair game and not “dirty tricks” for Cruz to take votes away from Rubio in his home state.

Partial transcript as follows:

They’re calling this Little Tuesday.  The Michigan primary, the big one, up for grabs today.  And the polling data, it’s interesting, the polling data says that Trump’s lead in all the remaining states is narrowing.

In Florida we had a little intrigue.  CNN had a story saying that Rubio people want Rubio to get out of Florida, leave the campaign before next Tuesday because he’s going to take such a beating that it might be harmful to his reputation.  Get out now, save the reputation, no chance of winning anyway.

Ted Cruz is opening 10 campaign offices in Florida this week.  Ted Cruz knows he can’t win Florida but it’s obviously designed to take votes away from “Little Marco,” quote, unquote.  I’m just kidding.  Take votes away from Rubio.  And people say this is typical, this is typical, this is typical, this is a Cruz dirty trick.

This is not a Cruz dirty trick.  This is payback.  Rubio opened a bunch of offices in Texas to try to stop Cruz.  It’s not dirty tricks.  It’s politics.  Maybe it’s indistinguishable, but it’s not dirty tricks.  Who put this Rubio story out?  There’s only one source.  CNN claims there’s one source, they’re relying on one source.  It’s Jamie Gangel.  She says I got one source here, highly reliable source.  The Rubio campaign denying anybody in their camp said anything.

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