Maher to Dem Sen Booker: Just Say ‘Islamic Terrorism,’ Or You’ll Lose the Election

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher told Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) “Just say ‘Islamic terrorism.’ Just say those words, and you’ll win the election. Avoid those words, and you’re going to lose the election” on Friday.

After Booker referenced “violent extremism” while discussing the Brussels terror attacks, Maher cut in to state, “I think the Democrats risk losing this election, if they can’t put together the worlds ‘Islamic extremism, as opposed to violent extremism. Please just tell me that you recognize that it is a distinct threat, much greater than any other violent extremist threat. You don’t really think it’s on the same order as the KKK? Are you really worried about the KKK?” He added, “If there’s a terrorist attack, what if this was LAX instead of the Brussels airport? I mean, 45% of Democrats, already, if you take Trump’s name off his proposal to ban Muslims coming into this country, agree with it. Democrats.”

Booker said “[T]his is a threat like no other, and it’s one that literally keeps me up. … But I also understand, and I’m not creating a false equivalency here, but since 9/11, we’ve lost 48 Americans, the Boston bombing, and we’ve — and to a Christian walking into Planned Parenthood in Colorado, massacring people.”

Maher jumped in to responded, “Christians are not trying to get a dirty bomb. They’re not — that is a false equivalence.” Booker then stated he wasn’t trying to create a false equivalency, but he was addressing “when you say to me, that this is the only threat.” Maher objected to this characterization, adding, “I’m saying, it’s distinct, and different, and bigger. Size matters.”

Booker then said that he spends a large amount of time focusing on Islamic terrorism, before then talking poverty and lead poisoning problems in Newark, New Jersey. Maher responded that these are separate issues.

Maher concluded by arguing that while GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are “fearmongering” Booker should “Just say ‘Islamic terrorism.’ Just say those words, and you’ll win the election. Avoid those words, and you’re going to lose the election. That’s my advice.”

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