Scarborough: ‘Republicans Aren’t Going to Win the Presidency’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough declared the upcoming presidential election to be a loss for the Republicans, citing missteps by GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and added that for Republicans, it is time to focus on down-ballot contests.

“People say, well if you don’t support Donald Trump, then Republicans aren’t going to win the presidency,” Scarborough said. “Well Republicans aren’t going to win the presidency. At this point for me, and I’m just being a selfish, selfish Republican – for me it’s about saving the Senate. It’s about not getting wiped out in the House. It’s about not getting wiped out in the state legislatures. It’s about not getting wiped out in the governorships. We dominate the governorships, we dominate the state legislatures, we dominate the Senate, we dominate the U.S. House. We have a lot to lose. And standing by a guy that eviscerates a Gold Star mother and a grieving father – that is not a guy that is going to lead you to victory. Kelly Ayotte needs to distance herself from this guy now. Ron Johnson needs to distance himself from this guy now. They would be shocked by what would happen if people would show a little courage.”

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