The Atlantic’s Ball: When Hillary ‘Opens Her Mouth’ Voters ‘Don’t Believe What She’s Saying’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” while discussing the FBI interview notes that revealed discussions between Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy and the FBI about removing the classification of emails stored on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s private server, and the State Department allowing the FBI to place more agents in forbidden countries, The Atlantic’s Molly Ball said voters “don’t trust” Hillary Clinton, and she is “someone who when she opens her mouth, they don’t believe what she’s saying.”

Ball said, “I think it is a tricky issue. I talked to so many voters about Hillary Clinton and it’s not that they don’t agree with her on policy necessarily, it’s not that they don’t dislike Donald Trump, but they look at her and they see not just someone who is implicated in the system for 30 years but a politician pursuing personal interests at the expense of public interests, and someone whose motives they don’t trust, someone who when she opens her mouth, they don’t believe what she’s saying. And that’s why this is such an effective case against her.”

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