Dem Rep Cohen: Trump ‘Is Not a Good Human Being and He Is Disgracing the Office of the Presidency’

Thursday on MSNBC, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) said he is boycotting the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump because,”The man is not a good human being and he is disgracing the office of the presidency.”

Cohen said, “It going to be a disaster. It is the Dark Ages coming. By not going, I am giving my constituents the idea that they’re represented and I am, on their side. That I am going to stand up to, which I plan to, these changes and speak out against them. The changes in America that we see coming and give some voice to my representatives by not appearing. It’s a grand political event in general, and I would like to be there and watch it, but I’m not going to do it because I don’t approve of President Trump— elect president to be Trump. He hasn’t acted presidential.”

“And until he earns my respect, I will not give it to him. It’s not the office but the man,” he continued. “The man has been disparaging of John Lewis, of John McCain, of others, of people with disabilities. I had polio of a child. I wear a brace. It’s a little tough for me to stand like right now. So to see him make fun of someone with a birth defect really went to my core. The man is not a good human being and he is disgracing the office of the presidency.”

He added. “If 65 Democrats boycott his nomination, he’ll get the idea he’s not bigly, he’s not loved and we all don’t think he’s making America great again. He’s making America dark again and that’s wrong.”

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