Maher: One Reason for Hillary’s Loss Is Men Not Wanting ‘A Woman Smarter Than They Are’ Telling Them to Change

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher argued that one of the reasons Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost is because some men “didn’t want some woman smarter than they are telling them they have to change.”

Maher said, while discussing working class men with “The End of Men” author Hanna Rosin, “[O]ne reason Hillary lost is, let’s be honest, that a lot of these kind of men, they didn’t want some woman smarter than they are telling them they have to change. They get enough of that at home.”

Later on, Rosin stated, “[I]t feels like they’re the only ones who are not allowed to whine. It’s like, everybody else’s pain counts, but they’re not allowed to complain because they’re the white man. So, the white man’s got no problems, even though the white man feels like he has problems, and then somebody comes and says,’ I feel your pain.'” Maher agreed, adding “And that’s how that election was won by Donald Trump, because the Democrats, pretty much, created this idea of identity politics, and white men never thought of themselves as a minority, but they kind of were made to feel that way.”

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