ESPN’s Domonique Foxworth: Signing Kaepernick Could Result in ‘Tweets From the President,’ Backlash From ‘Close-Minded’ People

During Tuesday’s ESPN “First Take” broadcast, ESPN “The Undefeated” writer and former NFL defensive back Domonique Foxworth weighed in on the Seattle Seahawks’ interest in signing Colin Kaepernick in a backup quarterback role.

According to Foxworth, owners have been staying away from the controversial quarterback because they do not want angry tweets from President Donald Trump or “social backlash” from “close-minded” people who are against his national anthem protest.

“The only argument against Kaepernick is if you aren’t prepared to deal with whatever social backlash or tweets from the president or whatever nonsense that may come along because people are too close-minded to accept his protest. That’s why you may not go with Kaepernick,” Foxworth explained.

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