GOP Rep Peter King: Comey Had an Obligation to Report Any Intimidation

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Peter King (R-NY) reacted to a New York Times report that in February President Donald Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to end the investigation into Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Kind said he had “real questions” as to why Comey did not report an attempt to be intimidated.

King said, “I have real questions here. First of all, if Director Comey in any way thought that he was being intimidated or the president was trying to interfere with the investigation I believe that Director Comey had an obligation to report that. Report it to the Justice Department, to tell those around him. Because that could be considered a crime and as director of the FBI he had an obligation to make that known. As far as I know he didn’t. In fact, when Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was testifying last week he said there has been no interfering or obstruction of the investigation whatsoever. Also, Director Comey comes before the House intelligence Committee and Senate Intelligence Committee, believe he had an obligation to tell those committees because he was briefing us on the status of the investigation.”

“I’m not aware of Director Comey ever saying to anyone in the Congress, and I think Senator Burke concurred on this, about any interference in the investigation,” he continued. “Secondly, I don’t know what investigation they’re talking about. There is the Russian investigation which the FBI was conducting, but also there was an investigation I believe, even from press accounts, of what General Flynn told the Russian ambassador and then what he told the FBI agents later. Now, that could have been the investigation they were talking about. We do know from press accounts that there was ambiguity about the conversations. So, again, I don’t know what President Trump said to Director Comey. I’m just saying that if this was as serious as it is now being made out to be, why has Director Comey been so silent for the last few months.”

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